Partnership Focus

Our Mission

Oval Partners was founded to enable successful owners and CEOs to unlock the full growth potential of their businesses while gaining liquidity today. We partner with management to scale businesses through prudent investment and operational expertise. Together we build valuable platforms that stand apart strategically and financially from many of the smaller players in our industries.

How We Help

  • Shareholder liquidity and diversification

  • Roll-up acquisitions and industry consolidation

  • Expansion of geographies and operational capacity

  • Development of new products and services

  • Transformation of go-to-market strategy

  • Augmentation of sales and marketing

  • Ownership and managerial transitions, as desired

  • Access to experienced network of management talent and resources for growth

What We Look For

  • Size & Type of Investment

    Invest for either control (51-100% of equity) or in a structured minority position providing for seller liquidity and/or next stage growth capital

  • Size of Company

    Partner with founders of sub-$10M EBITDA businesses in order to invest in these platforms organically and via acquisition to grow profitability to multiples of this initial size

  • Growth Profile

    Attracted to proven organic growers with longer term opportunity to accelerate by investing to expand addressable market, taking greater share, and/or making highly accretive acquisitions. Historically demonstrated resilience in recessionary markets; limited cyclicality.

  • Industry Focus

    Software & Services (Business, Tech-enabled, Information, Internet, SAAS). Industrial Technology.

  • Geographic Focus

    Across North America

  • Business Model Profile

    High recurring revenue businesses with attractive, proven cash flow characteristics. Service-oriented with a portfolio of loyal, diverse customers in a niche market segment. Not sub-scale or disadvantaged versus bigger competitors in space. High free cash flow conversion.

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